R. Flowers Rivera - CV


Ph.D. (African American Literature and Creative Writing)
          Binghamton University—SUNY, Binghamton, NY: 2000

M.A. (English and Creative Writing)
          Hollins University, Roanoke, VA: 1995

M.S. (Human Resource Development)
          Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA: 1993

B.S. (Marketing Education)
          University of Georgia, Athens, GA: 1990


African American Literature
Creative Writing—Poetry and Fiction

Contemporary Southern Novelists


Troubling Aceents.  Poetry collection, 69 pp.(was published by July 2013 from

          Xavier Review Press, New Orleans)
Heathen. Poetry collection,  65 pp.
Thus It Happened (manuscript-in-progress). Novel, ca. 340 pp.

Human Body, Human Mind (manuscript-in-progress).  Short stories, ca. 100 pp.


Leo Love Merit Scholarship in Poetry, Taos Summer Writers Conference, 2009
Finalist, Naomi Long Madgett Award for Poetry, 2002
Pushcart Prize XXVII nomination for "Exegesis" from Urban Spaghetti
Pushcart Prize XXVII nomination
Finalist, May Swenson Award in Poetry, 2001
Finalist, Journal Award in Poetry, 2001
Finalist, Gary Snyder Memorial Award, 2000
Peregrine Prize for the short story, "The Iron Bars," 1999
Finalist, May Swenson Award for Poetry, 1999
Finalist, Naomi Long Madgett Award for Poetry, 1999
Finalist, Paumanok Award for Poetry, 1999
Clifford E. Clark Fellowship, Binghamton University, Awarded 1999
Creative Writing Fellowship, Hollins University, Awarded 1994
Individual Artist Grant, Georgia Council for the Arts, Awarded 1994



Included in Mischief, Caprice & Other Poetic Strategies.  Terry Wolverton, ed.
            (January 2005, Red Hen Press).



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Soldier: A Poet’s Story by June Jordan. Mosaic Magazine Summer (2000) 37.


Associate Professor of English. Collin College—Spring Creek, Plano, Texas.
           August 2012-December 2012. Composition and Rhetoric I,

           Composition and Rhetoric II.


Lecturer in Literature and Composition. Center for American Education—Singapore.
           June 2011-May 2012. The Modern Short Story, The
            Modern Novel, Composition and Rhetoric I, Composition and
            Rhetoric II.


Professor of English. Collin College—Spring Creek Campus. Fall 2008-May 2011.
            Composition and Rhetoric I, Composition and Rhetoric II, and Creative

            Writing Poetry. (Associate Faculty at Central Park campus—Spring



Instructor of English.  Lausanne Collegiate School. Fall 2006-Spring 2007.
            Literature of the Americas—Honors and Advanced Placement            

            Language and Composition. (Spouse transferred with Alcatel-Lucent)


Instructor of English.  Houston High School. Fall 2004-Spring 2006.  English II—
            World Literature Honors and Standard.  Certified by the Tennessee
            Department of Education.  “Highly Qualified” status.


Instructor of English.  Christian Brothers University—Evening Program. Fall
            2003-2004.  Courses taught: Composition I: Introduction to Writing,
            Composition II:  The Research Paper, Introduction to Literature I/II
            (fiction/poetry and drama).


Assistant Professor of English.  University of the District of Columbia. Fall
            2001-2003. Courses taught:  African American Literature (surveys, pro-

            seminars, and special topics), Slave Narratives, Writing Fiction, Writing

            Poetry, Contemporary Southern Novelists, Modern Short Stories,

            Literature and Advanced Writing I & II, and Composition I.

Assistant Professor of English.  Northern Virginia Community College—
            Alexandria.  Fall 2000-Spring 2001.  Courses taught:  Survey of
            African American Literature I, Survey of African American Literature
            II, Intro to Creative Writing I—Poetry, Composition I, and
            Composition II.


Lecturer.  Binghamton University.  Summer 1999-Fall 1999. African
            American Poetry: The Black Aesthetic. English 282.  African

            American Literature: 1920-Present. English 282.


Featured Reading, African American History Month, Collin College—Spring

            Creek Campus: “Troubling Accents.” Plano, Texas (2013)


Featured Reading, Taos Summer Writers Conference: “Heathen.” Taos, New                         Mexico (2009).


Reader, “Forces: 20th Anniversary Reading and Book Signing.” Collin College,                         Plano, TX (2009).


George Moses Horton Society. Reflecting Back, Looking Forward in
            African American Poetry: “Mythologies of Race—A Poetry
            Reading.” University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC (5 April


Artful Negotiations: Text, Context, and Culture.  “Due South:  I Wanted to
            Take You Home—A Poetry Reading.”  Louisiana State University,
            Baton Rouge, LA (3 March 2000).


Fifth Annual Women’s Studies Conference.  “Legacy to Our Daughters:  A
            Poetry Reading.”  Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA (2 March


Graduate English Society Conference.  “An Audience of One:  A Poetry
            Reading.”  Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX (25 February 2000).


Culture and Vision Conference: “South Bound: A Poetry Reading.”
            Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA (6 November 1999).


Amherst Writers & Artists: Featured reading at Jones Memorial Library,
            Amherst, MA (16 October 1999).

National Society of Black Engineers: An Extravaganza, “Leaders of the Next
           Millennium.”  Binghamton University (24 September 1999).

Writing by Degrees: National Creative Writing Conference at Binghamton

            University, Binghamton, NY (9 April 1999).



Member, CPC English Faculty Search Committee, 2010
Presenter, "Heathen: Interstice of Mythology, Southern Culture, and Blackness,"

Facilitator, best practices discussion during LINK Planning Meeting and
            Dinner, 2010
Participant, African-American History Month Planning Committee, 2010
Participant, LINK Workshop Planning Committee, 2009-2010
Presenter, Literature and Life Symposium: “Toward a Black Aesthetic,” 2009
Judge, semi-finalist rounds for the Frisco Speech / Debate Tournament, 2009
Interviewee, Cougarcast 20, 2010
Panelist, Collin College Auteur Film Series: V for Vendetta, 2010
Panelist, Collin College Auteur Film Series: A Century of Black Cinema, 2010
Participant, Faculty Council Think Tank, representing SCC, 2009
Member, Collin Committee on the Community, 2009-2010
Facilitator, honors course taught by Dr. Lisa Roy-Davis, provided canonical

            context for the work of African-American poet Cornelius Eady, 2009
Presenter, poetry reading, “I Wanted to Take You Home”: CPC, 2010
Presenter, poetry reading, “I Wanted to Take You Home”: SCC, 2010
Panelist for New Student Orientation Round Table, Fall 2010
Panelist for New Student Orientation Round Table, Spring 2010
Presenter, lecture/reading on poetry, MISD, Bennett Elementary, 2010
Panelist for New Student Orientation Round Table, Spring 2009
Member, African-American History Month Planning Committee, 2008-2009
Co-organizer, African-American History Month SCC library display, 2009
Member, LINK Workshop Planning Committee, 2008-2009
Search Committee, UDC, 2002-2003
English Majors Committee, UDC, 2002-2003
Graduate Committee, UDC, 2002-2003
Composition I Coordinator, UDC, 2002-2003
Faculty Mentor, Sigma Tau Delta, English Honors Society, 2001-2003
Member, George Moses Horton Society
Member, College English Association, Middle Atlantic Group 2001-2003
Featured Guest, “UDC Forum” Cable TV 19, University of the District of

Host of “Lyrical Expressions”: UDC’s Poetry Slam, University of the
            District of Columbia
Graduate Advisory Committee, University of the District of Columbia
Advanced Literature Curriculum Committee, University of the District of
Diversity Committee, Northern Virginia Community College
Faculty Recruitment Forum, Northern Virginia Community College
Creative Writing Council, Binghamton University
Graduate English Mentor, Binghamton University
Graduate English Organization, executive board, Binghamton University
Graduate Student Organization, senator, Binghamton University
Writers Harvest, organizing committee, Binghamton University
Writing By Degrees: National Creative Writing Conference, co-organizer


Available upon request